The snooze bar is a bane - tricking you at your weakest, most cushy comfortable moment into thinking that you can go back to sleep without consequence. 
While other alarm apps where hard to see with irrelevant features like sports scores, social updates, and even recipes, Alarm Clock Reboot was all about going to sleep, sleeping soundly, and getting up.
App Store Marketing:  
The killer feature
The killer feature is the actual snooze system that auto computes your alarm times based on how many snoozes you want. The time display is HUGE and color coded with optional count down mode - because when you are sleeping you don't care what time it is, but only how much time before it's time to wake up. 
iPad variant
Stylish design
The design was always based on aiding function. Views, layout and screen-flow was guided to deliver the fasted, easy-hit editing experience for the most common scenario of changing wake up time by 15 minutes.
Promotion, press and App Store performance:
The app was developed using Corona SDK ( Lua ) to compile for both IOS and Android devices.  See more on the attractive App Store screens below.
Sorry, this product is no longer available on the app store.

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